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Havering Young Artist 2017

Please join us for a prize giving event for Havering young artist 2017.

We will be opening the doors between 4-7pm on the 21st September for everyone to view the wonderful work made by the pupils of our borough. The Mayor of Havering will be joining us at 5pm and announcing the winners at 5.30pm.  This should be a really lovely event to celebrate the hard work of all our young people, we hope you can join us.

Lisa Walker



Call Out for Submissions, Artist Educators Print Exchange

Brentwood Road Gallery

Artist educators Print Exchange

Theme: Ways of Seeing | In memory of John Berger

Brentwood Road Gallery warmly invite national and international 21st century artist educators to participate in our first ever annual print exchange.

With an entry fee of £10, you will be required to produce a new edition of eleven prints on paper size 21cm x 21cm. You will receive 10 DIFFERENT PRINTS from different artist educators in return, and your work will be shared with the artists teacher communities.  One print will be kept by the gallery for future public exhibition.

Any handmade print is accepted. Suggested techniques include but are not limited to; etching, mono print, wood block, litho, collograph and Lino print.
Prints using Analogue Photography techniques are also welcome!

If you would like to participate in this exciting exchange, please register your interest with Lisa Walker by email  before the closing date of 30th June 2017. 

Prints must be sent to the gallery by 30th August 2017. Box sets of prints will be posted out by the third week in September 2017.

There will be a public exhibition of all the prints in the Brentwood Road Gallery. 

External Parent Pay  REF: Artist Educators Print Exchange Payment £10


MATISSE | Drawing with Scissors | Late Works 1950-1954 | A Hayward Touring Exhibition


Drawing with Scissors. Late Works 1950-1954

A Hayward Touring Exhibition

The French painter, sculptor and designer, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. His vibrant works are celebrated for their extraordinary richness and luminosity of colour and his spectacular paper cut-outs were his final triumph. Matisse: Drawing with Scissors, a Hayward Touring exhibition from the Southbank Centre features 35 posthumous prints of the famous cut-outs that he produced in the last four years of his life, when confined to his bed. It includes many of his iconic images, such as The Snail and the Blue Nudes. It comes to Brentwood Road Gallery in February 2017

Matisse continued creating highly original works into his eighties. For his cut-outs he used paper hand-painted with gouache, which he carved into with scissors: ‘the paper cut-out allows me to draw in the colour … Instead of drawing the outline and putting the colour inside it…I draw straight into the colour’. The colours he used were so strong that he was advised by his doctor to wear dark glasses.

The lithographic reproductions in this exhibition are taken from a special double issue of Verve, a review of art and literature, published by Matisse’s friend, the critic and fine art publisher Tériade, in 1958, four years after Matisse’s death. The publication was planned during Matisse’s lifetime and the first lithographic plates were prepared under his direction a few days before he died.

Matisse began his working life as a lawyer, before going to Paris to study art in 1890. At first strongly influenced by the Impressionists, he soon created his own style, using brilliant, pure colours, and started making sculptures as well as paintings. In 1905 he and his colleagues were branded the Fauves (wild beasts) because of their unconventional use of colour, and it was during this time that he painted his celebrated Luxe, Calme et Volupté (Luxury, Tranquillity and Delight).

‘There is no gap between my earlier pictures and my cut-outs’, Matisse wrote; ‘I have only reached a form reduced to the essential through greater absoluteness and greater abstraction’

Editors Notes

For over 40 years, the Hayward Gallery has a played a key role in creating imaginative, high profile exhibitions in London and, through Hayward Touring Exhibitions, within the UK. Both Hayward Touring and the Arts Council Collection are managed by the Hayward Gallery on behalf of Arts Council England, and add to the Hayward’s distinctive national remit.


The Hayward Gallery is a constituent part of Southbank Centre, the UK’s largest arts centre, occupying a 21-acre site that sits in the midst of London’s most vibrant cultural quarter on the South Bank of the Thames. The site has an extraordinary creative and architectural history stretching back to the 1951 Festival of Britain. Southbank Centre is home to the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and the Hayward Gallery as well as The Saison Poetry Library and the Arts Council Collection. Each year the Hayward Gallery presents up to five major art exhibitions as well as Hayward Touring exhibitions in more than 100 venues around the country.


Brentwood Road Gallery

Frances Bardsley Academy

Brentwood Road



Admission:                  FREE

Opening hours:           Open by appointment Mon-Fri 9-3pm                          

Telephone:                  01708 447368

Tour continues:

For more information about upcoming venues for this exhibition please check:


Public enquiries about Hayward Touring exhibitions: 020 7921 0837           



Life Drawing in Print Workshops with Lynne Blackburn

Life drawing classes with a difference! We are holding these regular Wednesday evening classes at the Brentwood Road Gallery in Romford. We will have a nude life model and will be introducing you to drawing, from life, using 2 different monoprint techniques. The first method is to roll ink onto a Perspex sheet and then remove areas of the ink with rags, cotton buds etc to produce your image, which you will then transfer onto paper. The second method also begins with the inked up sheet but then you lay the paper on top of this and draw through it to produce your image.

All materials provided.
Suitable for beginners and those with some experience. 

Run by professional Artist / Print Makers

Lynne Blackburn

Essex Print Studio


Paul Wye Private Empire: New Territory

Message from the Curator

Brentwood Road Gallery has the pleasure of exhibiting the works of artist Paul Wye this coming November.  Come and meet the artist at the private view 1st November 4-8pm.  If you would like to visit, we are open every day during school hours, call me 01708 447368 ext 238 to book a viewing.  We also encourage school bookings.  Brentwood Road Gallery is a fantastic local resource with fabulous artworks right on your doorstep. - Curator, Lisa Walker 


Paul Wye

Artist’s Statement 

For me, the museum acts as the institutionalised collection; objects are ordered to the curator’s particular criteria forming arrays, patterns and logical systems. I become interested when there is a sense of another, more eccentric order, at work.

My practice engages with the artefact, it’s place within a collection and the context created by the assembly of these groups of objects. Through the creation, arrangement and manipulation of these artefacts I hope to create the sense of a jumbled folk museum or a personal curio collection and in this way begin to develop my own narrative of an new, imagined culture.

By drawing influence from a wide range of cultural sources, ranging from folk and outsider art to character design, illustration and couture fashion, each artefact becomes something that shrugs off it’s initial reading and demands a second take. This is achieved take through the use of anachronistic and disparate visual cues or from the context that is generated by it’s placement within the assemblage as a whole.

My practice is diverse using textile, photography, ceramics and ready-mades. Being inclusive of both two and three-dimensional techniques my approach encompasses printmaking as both an outcome in it’s own right and as a developmental tool for sculptural pieces. 


Frank Briffa ‘Music Seen’

Since 2005 all my paintings have had strong associations with music. There are already links between music and the visual arts such as a shared vocabulary, for example, composition, tonality, colour, chromaticism, texture.

Some music has the ability of transporting us to another place and my paintings are based on pieces of music which, for me, have this quality. In making these paintings I am not primarily trying to illustrate anything – I am more concerned with trying to find a pictorial equivalent to the musical language, although in some paintings figurative elements do creep in.

The pieces of music I use I have known over a long period  so that they have had time to produce a response.  The paintings that result may be based on an entire piece or to just a few bars from a large work.

The composers I have used include Nielsen, Varese, Mahler, Martinu, Tippett, Berg, Stravinsky, JS Bach, Bartok and Charles Ives, a composer who has had a particular influence on my work. - Frank Briffa  Artist


Private View 26th September 2016 4-8pm

Exhibition runs from 26th September- 21st October 2016 | Gallery opening hours 9-3pm Appointment necessary


Photo’s from recent events

Wybridge pupils responding to a exhibition.

A Wybridge student showing his work.

Mrs Appleby's Art class.

More than a women private view.

Balloon release event.

Panoramic of the gallery.


Eduardo Paolozzi Open Night

Visitors from far and wide came to the exhibition to see this wonderful eclectic set of 49 Prints by POP Artist, Eduardo Palozzi on loan from the Southbank Centre.


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