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Frances Bardsley Academy is a centre of excellence for Visual Arts. We support a huge range of creative studies including fine arts, ceramics, film making, photography and sculpture, each taught by specialist teachers. We share an enthusiasm & passion for the subject with our pupils and encourage them to find their own solutions – there are no wrong answers in Art.

FBA Brilliant Makers Club 

Our Year 7 Weekly Art Club

Year 7 Art club have been making some wonderful art work in response to the Frank Briffa exhibiton. They listened to three pieces of music by Mozart, Satie and Pachelbel and then made their own drawing.  Year 3 pupils from Hylands Primary school also participated in the workshops, all seemed to enjoy themselves and made some fanstatic work in the process. 


 A-Level Art Exhibition 2016



Young Curators Year 9

Photography Exhibition


Big Activities Day  

Art Students painting the back drop for the Lion King Show.


The Big Draw, Response to the Anne Frank Exhibiton

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