Andria Thompson (née Neal)

All I remember about school was being scared all the time. I remember Mr Smailes, and being scared of Miss Samuel. I used to hang around with Margaret Jones, Janet French and June Summers. Does anyone know what happened to them or remember me? 

Charm Linsted

Just got into the FB school site and found your contact details. am posting cheque to join today. Have enjoyed reading the Guest Comments and Memories. Would like to add my contribution. 
I well remember the formidable Miss Bubbers and how I never quite managed to gain her approval. I thought the history mistress Heather Towns(h)end was quite a fierce character too: one Monday when I was showing facial and hand injuries from a fall at a horse show on the Sunday she commented publicly and embarrassed me. Yes, Miss Harris and her poodle in the bicycle basket. 
Joyce Craze who died in 1964 of meningitis aged 15 I recall Miss Bubbers announcing to us in assembly. Daphne Saunter who was an inspiring form mistress and had lovely hair. Dilly Dyson who taught French (along with Miss Parker) and was always kind, taking individual interest in our career prospects. Miss Nye teaching German, Mrs Pease (formerly Davis or Davies I think) teaching Spanish - she might like to know that Spain has been my second home intermittently. Miss Burchell the bubbly blonde Gamesmistress, urging us all into the showers which as a late developer I hated! Miss Webb and Miss Pegrum who shared a bungalow just over the railway bridge, on whose site a block of flats has been built. Miss Foot of Biology. I was entirely uninterested in any sciences, used to fool around with my mate Jennifer McCarthy or sit at the back and do my German homework. Would love to hear from her and also Gillian Robinson (1964-1970). 
I'm a computer virgin, mainly because dongles don't work in rural areas, but I stumbled into Friends Reunited where I found Gwenneth Simpson. Other names I remember are Jane Smith, Lesley Hayward, Hazel Keeling, Nancy Gay (who had a younger sister Hilary), Susan Edgeley (whose older sister Sheila was Head Girl one year.), Astrid Hatwell (whose mother and mine had both attended the school), Cherry Osbourne and Mary Boxall. 
Would love to hear from anyone of that era, especially if they remember me. 

Sara Starr (née Tausig)

I have only just found your site and am delighted to be contributing to this. I was at RCHS from 1953 to 1958 and I was in the 'S' house.
My name is Sara Starr (néeTausig) and my best friend was Jill Durrant who came with me from Straight Road Primary, Harold Hill. 
I have been divorced for many years; I still have three lovely children, but I also have eight wonderful grandchildren, one of whom married last year in Israel. For many years I lived in Manchester as the House Mother in a Jewish Children's Home, and after that worked for the Greater Manchester Police. I have lived in Ilford for the past 7 years in a Sheltered Accommodation. 
I have many great memories of the School and hope to take part in a reunion at some point as it is now 60 years since we entered those hallowed halls, and to this day I could walk round the whole school and tell you what we did in that class. 
My years at that school were very special as were all the girls in the class, and the teachers, especially Miss Bubbers (Headmistress), and Miss Tanner (Maths), Miss Oliver (English), Miss Nye (German), and who could forget Miss Hewitt (The Cheshire Cat - Deportment and Speech). 
(NB I think Sara is referring to Miss Hewson! - Editor) 
Thank you for this opportunity

Going through things the other day I found this photo and wonder if it could go with the site. It was taken by Miss Tanner at the end of our 2nd year. It might just jog someone's memory. Click to see full-size pic.

Linda Blake (née Jordan)

Have just found this web site. Have been trying for some time to get in touch with girls from my school. I do remember Miss Samuels and dogs, Mrs. Jones who lived in shorts, Miss Oldfield, Miss Attwell, Mrs. Lamb the French teacher, Mr. Wombooa Geography teacher. Also the Embroidered Trees in the Hall for different Houses: Beech yellow, Birch red, Elm mauve, Rowan orange, Larch blue, and Oak green. I was a prefect for Geography and in Beech House. I now live in Thundersley Essex with my husband Arthur. We had two daughters, and now three grandchildren. 

Diana Hart (née Kimber)

Have just found the web site and have spent a happy half hour reading the guest book - such good memories! Fun, laughter, seriousness and value placed on learning, also terrified of Miss Bubbers! Met her in the 70's - she was lost on her way to a meeting - saw me (although didn't know me) and called out "EERRMMM" (do you remember?) my reaction was to flatten myself against the wall! Habits die hard. I was in the choir because there was the need for somebody my height! - Do you remember singing when Lady Mountbatten visited the school - we were singing "seachange" missed the note and dried up - oh the shame! Miss Harris was superb - called us to order and we started again. All eyes were on Miss Bubbers and we were terrified of what she would say but to our amazement and relief she congratulated us on regaining our composure quickly and carrying on!
And the people I remember - Misses Stewart, Smith, Brown, Webb, Grainger, Tanner. Harris + dog, Parker, - Oh so many more - I can see them but can't put a name to them. Fellow pupils - Stephanie Bradshaw (we're still in touch) Valerie Lambert, Pamela Smith (Miffy) Veronica ? who was head girl and whom I have spotted in M&S Romford, Verity Bargate, etc. etc..
Do you remember me? Two sons, and five, soon to be six grandchildren, live in Harold Wood, Essex, retired from Social Services 2004 and actively enjoying retirement very much. 

Heather Deamer (née Farmer)

I was at Heath Park School from 1965 to 1968. My name was Heather Farmer (Now Deamer). I was in 3A - Teacher Miss Penwell. Then 4c with Mrs Reid (English teacher) and 5c also with Mrs Reid. I was in Larch House. I remember Mr Smailes, how could you forget? He used to teach shorthand and typing I think. Miss Samuel was really strict and everyone was terrified of her and her two little dogs). My friends at School were, Tina Baines (who I'm still in contact with), Gill Carpenter, Sandy Grover, Sue Dawson, Janet Hines, Christine Rogers any many more. Does anyone remember our crowd? Would be great to hear from anyone. Heather Deamer

Gloria McLaughlin (née Calland)

Having visited the site for the first time I thought I would like to catch up with a few old friends. People always used to tell me that schooldays are the best years of your life. Of course I didn't believe them, but how true it is.
I arrived at RCHS in 1951 after "emigrating"from the north of England. Miss Chappell was there for the first year then along came Miss Bubbers. For the first week all was very quiet but the second week she really let rip at us in the assembly hall. I was terrified of her after that.
I have fond memories of Miss Harris, Miss Stewart and Miss Honniger. 
Unfortunately I was not able to go to the recent re-union but would love to hear from anyone who has a mind to

Pam Thorn (née Pam Burr)

My mother, Gladys Deering: RCHS 1916-1921

Have greatest respect for Miss Bubbers! I did not realise just how much she valued and encouraged 'her girls' - believing they could do anything - until some time after I left the school. 
I have an amazing memory of meeting her on a train some years after leaving school, when I was, in fact, at Teacher Training college. It was 11.00am on an ordinary term-time day. I told her that I was studying again, and her immediate reaction was to look at her watch and then say: 'So why aren't you at college now!' I felt as if I was again 11 years old! 
I have no contact with any former pupils other than Hilary Slaughter (1957 - 62). I was in Ross House. 

Helen Manwaring (née Helen Bonner)

I have recently gone onto the internet and found the site for my old school although I have no memories of ever hearing the name of Frances Bardsley.
I am ashamed to say that I can't remember what house I was in although I remember the house names. My first form mistress was Miss Breakspeare; my particular friends were Barbara Rowe, Carole Craske and Jane Drey.
I can remember Miss Jordan the games mistress who made us change into our P E clothes for games however cold it was, but wore her fur coat! 
Who could ever forget Miss Bubbers! 

Linda Hardee

I loved reading these comments by 'old girls' and thought I'd add my own memories - I also remember Miss Bubbers - how could anyone forget the billowing gown as she marched around the school or even over the games field as she often went to the back entrance of her home during lunch break or the 'Headmistress Lessons' we all awaited nervously as first formers - does anyone else out there remember having the length of your skirt measured whilst kneeling on our chairs - or having your fingernails examined to make sure they were the right length for 'young ladies' ? Another lasting memory is the annual planting of daffodil bulbs by every girl in the school and what a beautiful sight it made every Spring - not least of all was our amazing reunion arranged by the late Denise Chambers - it was one of the best days of my life seeing all my old school friends again and being totally amazed at how much they really hadn't changed. If there are any 'old girls' out there reading this now and remembering being pointed at with that red arrow while eating your dinner for some bad deed or having to eat your meal with books under your arms so that elbows were kept close to your body like that young lady I never quite managed to become

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