Charm Linsted

Just got into the FB school site and found your contact details. am posting cheque to join today. Have enjoyed reading the Guest Comments and Memories. Would like to add my contribution. 
I well remember the formidable Miss Bubbers and how I never quite managed to gain her approval. I thought the history mistress Heather Towns(h)end was quite a fierce character too: one Monday when I was showing facial and hand injuries from a fall at a horse show on the Sunday she commented publicly and embarrassed me. Yes, Miss Harris and her poodle in the bicycle basket. 
Joyce Craze who died in 1964 of meningitis aged 15 I recall Miss Bubbers announcing to us in assembly. Daphne Saunter who was an inspiring form mistress and had lovely hair. Dilly Dyson who taught French (along with Miss Parker) and was always kind, taking individual interest in our career prospects. Miss Nye teaching German, Mrs Pease (formerly Davis or Davies I think) teaching Spanish - she might like to know that Spain has been my second home intermittently. Miss Burchell the bubbly blonde Gamesmistress, urging us all into the showers which as a late developer I hated! Miss Webb and Miss Pegrum who shared a bungalow just over the railway bridge, on whose site a block of flats has been built. Miss Foot of Biology. I was entirely uninterested in any sciences, used to fool around with my mate Jennifer McCarthy or sit at the back and do my German homework. Would love to hear from her and also Gillian Robinson (1964-1970). 
I'm a computer virgin, mainly because dongles don't work in rural areas, but I stumbled into Friends Reunited where I found Gwenneth Simpson. Other names I remember are Jane Smith, Lesley Hayward, Hazel Keeling, Nancy Gay (who had a younger sister Hilary), Susan Edgeley (whose older sister Sheila was Head Girl one year.), Astrid Hatwell (whose mother and mine had both attended the school), Cherry Osbourne and Mary Boxall. 
Would love to hear from anyone of that era, especially if they remember me. 

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