Diana Hart (née Kimber)

Have just found the web site and have spent a happy half hour reading the guest book - such good memories! Fun, laughter, seriousness and value placed on learning, also terrified of Miss Bubbers! Met her in the 70's - she was lost on her way to a meeting - saw me (although didn't know me) and called out "EERRMMM" (do you remember?) my reaction was to flatten myself against the wall! Habits die hard. I was in the choir because there was the need for somebody my height! - Do you remember singing when Lady Mountbatten visited the school - we were singing "seachange" missed the note and dried up - oh the shame! Miss Harris was superb - called us to order and we started again. All eyes were on Miss Bubbers and we were terrified of what she would say but to our amazement and relief she congratulated us on regaining our composure quickly and carrying on!
And the people I remember - Misses Stewart, Smith, Brown, Webb, Grainger, Tanner. Harris + dog, Parker, - Oh so many more - I can see them but can't put a name to them. Fellow pupils - Stephanie Bradshaw (we're still in touch) Valerie Lambert, Pamela Smith (Miffy) Veronica ? who was head girl and whom I have spotted in M&S Romford, Verity Bargate, etc. etc..
Do you remember me? Two sons, and five, soon to be six grandchildren, live in Harold Wood, Essex, retired from Social Services 2004 and actively enjoying retirement very much. 

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