Linda Hardee

I loved reading these comments by 'old girls' and thought I'd add my own memories - I also remember Miss Bubbers - how could anyone forget the billowing gown as she marched around the school or even over the games field as she often went to the back entrance of her home during lunch break or the 'Headmistress Lessons' we all awaited nervously as first formers - does anyone else out there remember having the length of your skirt measured whilst kneeling on our chairs - or having your fingernails examined to make sure they were the right length for 'young ladies' ? Another lasting memory is the annual planting of daffodil bulbs by every girl in the school and what a beautiful sight it made every Spring - not least of all was our amazing reunion arranged by the late Denise Chambers - it was one of the best days of my life seeing all my old school friends again and being totally amazed at how much they really hadn't changed. If there are any 'old girls' out there reading this now and remembering being pointed at with that red arrow while eating your dinner for some bad deed or having to eat your meal with books under your arms so that elbows were kept close to your body like that young lady I never quite managed to become

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