Pam Thorn (née Pam Burr)

My mother, Gladys Deering: RCHS 1916-1921

Have greatest respect for Miss Bubbers! I did not realise just how much she valued and encouraged 'her girls' - believing they could do anything - until some time after I left the school. 
I have an amazing memory of meeting her on a train some years after leaving school, when I was, in fact, at Teacher Training college. It was 11.00am on an ordinary term-time day. I told her that I was studying again, and her immediate reaction was to look at her watch and then say: 'So why aren't you at college now!' I felt as if I was again 11 years old! 
I have no contact with any former pupils other than Hilary Slaughter (1957 - 62). I was in Ross House. 

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