Sara Starr (née Tausig)

I have only just found your site and am delighted to be contributing to this. I was at RCHS from 1953 to 1958 and I was in the 'S' house.
My name is Sara Starr (néeTausig) and my best friend was Jill Durrant who came with me from Straight Road Primary, Harold Hill. 
I have been divorced for many years; I still have three lovely children, but I also have eight wonderful grandchildren, one of whom married last year in Israel. For many years I lived in Manchester as the House Mother in a Jewish Children's Home, and after that worked for the Greater Manchester Police. I have lived in Ilford for the past 7 years in a Sheltered Accommodation. 
I have many great memories of the School and hope to take part in a reunion at some point as it is now 60 years since we entered those hallowed halls, and to this day I could walk round the whole school and tell you what we did in that class. 
My years at that school were very special as were all the girls in the class, and the teachers, especially Miss Bubbers (Headmistress), and Miss Tanner (Maths), Miss Oliver (English), Miss Nye (German), and who could forget Miss Hewitt (The Cheshire Cat - Deportment and Speech). 
(NB I think Sara is referring to Miss Hewson! - Editor) 
Thank you for this opportunity

Going through things the other day I found this photo and wonder if it could go with the site. It was taken by Miss Tanner at the end of our 2nd year. It might just jog someone's memory. Click to see full-size pic.

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